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A grassroots effort bringing together volunteers and sponsors to clean the Lower Wapsipinicon River and backwaters in an effort to make the public aware of this precious natural resource.

LWRCP 2017 August 25-27, 2017 Allen's Grove to McCausland Access

13:35 09/05/2017:
Thank you for another successful event!

10:17 08/07/2017:
LWRCP 2017 Registration is online. Please click link in header, read liability waver, then fill out registration at LWRCP ONLINE REGISTRATION.

You may also read the waiver on the LWRCP Facebook page. LWRCP Facebook page. Scroll down until you find it posted.

Base Camp at Sherman Park, clean up from Allen's Grove to McCausland Access

7:08, 08/25/2016:
The two-day 2016 river cleanup brought in:

1,760 lbs metal, 1,240 lbs tires, 1,418 lbs trash, 122 lbs glass

Grand total is 4,540 lbs or 2.27 net tons

Of that - a beautiful 69% was recycled!!

That is 1.56 net tons that was kept out of the landfill!!


Map of sections of Wapsi and sloughs cleaned up since 2006, 2012 restarted the process.

Ways to let people know about the event:
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Click below for info about previous events' recaps, totals, & pictures!

2015--Olin to Wheatland
1.39 tons of trash removed

2014--McCausland Landing to Mississippi River
2.47 tons of trash removed

2013--Sherman Park to McCausland Landing
2.175 tons of trash removed

2012--Walnut Grove Access to Allen's Grove
3.17 tons of trash removed

2011--Jungletown Access to Walnut Grove Access
2.47 tons of trash removed

2010--Anamosa Access to Jungletown Access
4.7 tons of trash removed

2009--McCausland Landing to Mississippi River & Backwaters
3.3 tons of trash removed

2008--Allen's Grove Park to McCausland Landing
8 tons of trash removed

2007--Wapsi backwaters/Rock Creek Marina
4 tons of trash removed

2006--Walnut Grove (Toronto) to Allen's Grove
5.8 tons of trash removed

Contact info:
Melisa Jacobsen, Coordinator, coordinator-at-LWRCP.org

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